Anxious about your results?

Exam scores will be released by NASBA based upon the target CPA Exam score release dates in the tables below. Some State Boards of Accountancy require an additional day to process and release examination scores.

Do Prometric Centers provide scores?

The CPA Exam is administered at Prometric Centers. You may take the exam at any time during the year (continuous testing). This is subject to space availability at a Prometric Center. Once you receive your Notice To Schedule (NTS), the next step is to book with a Prometric Center. Locate a Prometric Center of your choice and determine if there are available spaces/times/seat for the dates you wish to take the exam. You may schedule to sit the exam if there is an available space. Otherwise, you will have to schedule your exam at another time, or at another Prometric Center, based on available spaces. The exam scores are sent by the Prometric Centers to your State boards.

The key to success:

  • How much you really want to pass, and
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

2024 Test Administration Schedule/Score Release Timeline

Quarter Core Test Dates Core Release Dates Discipline Test Dates Discipline Release Dates
24Q1 Jan 10 – Mar 26 Jun 4 Jan 10 – Feb 6 Apr 24
24Q2 Apr 1 – Jun 25 Jul 31 Apr 20 – May 19 Jun 28
24Q3 Jul 1 – Sep 25 Approx Nov 1 Jul 1 – 31 Sep 10
24Q4 Oct 1 – Dec 26 Early Feb 2025 Oct 1 – 31 Dec 10

Because of the new 2024 CPA Exam changes, continuous testing goes away to account for standard-setting analysis and activities by the AICPA and NASBA.

More information including questions and answers about the CPA Exam exam score release dates can be access from the AICPA website at

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