Face the facts: We do not all learn using the same strategies or at the same pace. Consequently, our 1-on-1 coaching solution provides candidates with customized motivation and adaptive learning strategies for passing the CPA Exam. Whether you are enrolled in a class or using another provider’s resources, you may still have need for one-on-one assistance with specific topic(s) or just weekly or monthly motivational check-ins and guidance. Our one-on-one solution is customizable to candidates’ circumstances.

Working with a coach to pass the CPA Exam is a right choice if you have had difficulty passing one or more part(s) of the exam, or if you are just starting the exam … guidance from day 1 will help you avoid the usual pitfalls. From our one-on-one coaching, you will:

  • Receive a study plan that fits your unique circumstances
  • Be held accountable to the plan
  • Receive a diagnostic exam for your areas of interest (based on the one-on-one program you choose)
  • Receive support, advice and motivation to help you conquer the exam
  • Focus on the prize, see the process as positive, beat procrastination and be equipped for exam eventualities
  • Learn how to navigate tricky exam questions

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Year-Round 1-on-1 Coaching (January – December)

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For more information on the CPA Exam classes, our programs and products, or if you would like us to conduct an intensive review session in your area, please contact us at CPA EXAM COACH. You may also email us at info@cpaexamcoach.com to have your questions and concerns about the CPA Exam answered.

For more information including questions and answers about applying for the CPA Exam, please read the CPA Exam candidate bulletin at the AICPA website at www.aicpa.org.