We can help you: some reasons candidates take our classes:

  • Repeated failures with the major CPA exam resources providers. Some CPA exam providers have a lock-in strategy. Therefore, you are locked into your continuous doom.
  • We increase student scores by over 30% – 60%. We hold you accountable to generate passes.
  • Classes of major exam providers are too large. As a result, your questions are not answered.
  • Our class sizes are controlled. As a result, each student gets their questions answered.
  • Personal one-on-one time, where needed.
  • 90% of candidates who signed up for one of our courses, return for the other 3 courses.
  • Several candidates have been out of school for a while. Consequently, they require more than cram courses and boot camps. We walk you through the entire course, not just selected topics.

18+ Years helping CPA Exam candidates: Since 2003, CPA Exam Coach has helped students get prepared and passed the CPA Exam. The annual national pass rate is on average about 45%-55% (that’s the truth and that has been the average pass rate for years). The second real truth is there is some scaling (not curving) of exam results. This exam can be brutal, but are have been successful helping others.

We understand the challenges of the CPA Exam: The CPA Exam is not a walk-over exam, and nearly everyone who has passed will tell you it’s passable; however, it depends on how much you really want the CPA designation (which will determine your level of effort and strategy). Several of our students have tried other CPA Exam review products (some up to 8, 9 times) without success. And that’s why we have developed a methodology which focuses not only on learning and practicing, but also the unique circumstances of each candidate. Whether you are a potential, new or repeat candidate, you don’t have to do this alone, get real help. If your level of effort and strategy has not worked, talk to us today and let’s get you on a new path to passing.

We work with all candidates: CPA candidates could be grouped in many categories; however, let’s group them in three categories: those who will pass without any assistance; those who will pass with limited assistance; and those who will pass but for assistance. Knowing who you are and your unique circumstances determine which category you fall in, and the level of assistance you need. Even if you believe you can pass without assistance, what are your chances of passing with assistance? Call or email us today. Do not delay your success!!


You may have spent a lot of hard-earned dollars on just an online review course. Why not invest in a structured face-to-face supplemental review course with a proven record of successes and at a great value? Let us work together and take the guess work out of passing. Access face-to-face tutoring and over 4000 additional questions to secure your success.

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You will receive a detailed diagnostic after each quiz, which alerts you to those areas that needs further attention. You will be able to review your progress and weak areas at a glance, and be able to see the top scores of others on a quiz-by-quiz basis (without names), for comparison. Our 1-2-3 approach worked for others and will work for you.

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A interactive study planner will be created for each student. Students can use our standard study planners or modify the planners to their unique situations. As courses and quizzes are completed, your study planner can be updated to show your updated progress. Our planners have other important advantages.

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Your schedules may not allow for ample time to prepare for the exams. Therefore, we have organized an approach and strategy that prepares you to pass in an efficient and time-sensitive manner. Our programs are also designed for those students who must have a better grasp of the materials and concepts in order to be successful. Our approach is student-unique as well as student-centered.

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No one left behind: We believe that all candidates will pass the CPA Exam with the right coaching, tutoring and CPA Exam preparation resources.


Contact CPA EXAM COACH to learn more about our solutions for passing the CPA Exam. Register with CPA EXAM COACH and lets work together to get you passed.

You may also email us at to have your questions and concerns about the CPA Exam answered.