Why CPA Exam Coach

“Because I made several attempts and I never passed a course before CPA Exam Coach. Now I am a CPA!!”

We not only coach, we teach concepts

One of the main reasons persons fail is because they have not grasped certain vital concepts. We motivate, we support and we teach concepts.

Efficient, adaptive approach

From day one, and through-out the program, we will help you to identify the critical from the non-critical exam areas, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

We not only coach, we invest

At CPA Exam Coach, we invest our time and effort in a face-to-face strategy where we partner to achieve your success. Our successes are interdependent.

With risk comes rewards

It’s easy to give advice and to create online learning videos and quizzes. We invest time and effort to help you know where you stand before you sit.

Because of Others' Stories

Talk about an excellent coach, tutor, facilitator. I did not just get a coach/tutor but I also gained a motivator, a committed and dedicated individual whose passion and drive to see others succeed inspired me to be purposeful, intentional and ultimately accomplished the goal I had set for myself.

Alicia J, CPA, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Read More

CPA Exam Coach is the best teacher and counselor you can have on your side when aiming to achieve success. He has not only the depth of knowledge and skills in delivering every subject matter in ways students can learn and retain effectively, he is a great counselor to each of his students.

Tika A, CPA, DC Water, Read More

I started my CPA journey based on Marshall’s advice. He is not only an expert but he is the best coach one can wish for to go through this perilous journey. I passed all four parts of the exam in less than a year and I could not have done it without his precious counsel, and for that I am grateful.

Adeline S, CPA, KPMG, Read More

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