Face the facts: The annual national pass rates for all four parts of the CPA exam have been on average about 46% to 59%. While the argument among students has been that the exam is difficult to pass, and this has some merit, the pass rates also indicate the level of preparedness of students who have taken the exam and the exam preparation strategy and resources used. What these pass rates indicate is the level of effort, commitment and attitude required of students to pass. At CPA EXAM COACH, we believe all students with the right guidance and resources can pass the CPA exam. The student who come to us include students who have used other resources several times and have not passed. We work with all students (both high and low achievers) because we believe it is more so your circumstances and attitudes, rather than your aptitude, which prevent or promote your success.

The key to success: 1. How much you really want to pass and 2. Practice, Practice, Practice

The AICPA releases exam scores and pass rates on a periodic basis, and also provides cumulative annual average pass rates for each course. These annual pass rates for four prior years and the current year’s quarterly pass rates are reflected below.

Quarterly National CPA Pass Rates by Section (2021)

As soon as the quarterly pass rates are posted by the AICPA, the pass rates table below will be updated.

CPA Courses Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Overall
AUD NYP        
BEC NYP        
FAR NYP        
REG NYP        

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NYP – Not yet published

Annual CPA Pass Rates by Section (2017 – 2020)

The table below shows the cumulative annual pass rates for four prior years. For more information on the pass rates for these years, as well as prior pass rates, please select the link above to access additional information on the AICPA website.

CPA Courses 2020 2019 2018 2017
AUD 47.97% 51.01% 50.97% 48.59%
BEC 61.76% 59.98% 59.35% 52.99%
FAR 46.37% 46.31% 46.42% 44.42%
REG 55.42% 56.34% 43.16% 47.24%


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