YEAR-ROUND CPA CLASSES (Currently, Only Virtually Delivered)

We offer year-round evening and weekend classes to help candidates pass the exam within 12 months. We typically offer in-person and virtually delivered classes. However, due to the pandemic, all classes are currently conducted virtually, which may be adjusted at anytime based on COVID-19 guidelines. Candidates have 18 months after passing the first part (course) to complete all remaining parts (courses). If you do not complete all remaining parts within 18 months, you will have to retake the part(s) which have expired.

We aim to teach up to three parts (courses) per quarter; however, this is dependent on enrollment. An exam part is offered at least three times a year. An application to do classes for a part does not guarantee that a class will be held; however, we will work with all candidates and organize a schedule that will assist candidates to meet the 18 months deadline.

Testimonial: “I tried many other CPA review products and repeated the exams several times without any success. After enrolling with CPA Exam Coach, on my first attempt I passed the auditing and attestation and business environment and concepts exams, and the rest is history.”

– Jackie Davids CPA, Fixed Asset Manager, DC Metro

The schedules below are examples of how classes are organized. We teach at least one CPA Exam course per quarter. If the schedule below does not meet you current requirements, please contact us to discuss how we can assist. Please review the schedules below, and when done, click on one the schedule classes below to complete your enrollment and secure your place.

Upcoming Evening and Weekend Classes (Currently, only virtually delivered due to the pandemic)

Usual Class Dates and Times:

Sundays 2-5pm; Mondays 6-9pm; Wednesdays 6-9pm

Enroll now and start receiving free CPA Exam updates, practice questions and other information about our classes. To access a complete list of our class events, please click on the button below.


For more information on the CPA Exam classes, our programs and products, or if you would like us to conduct an intensive review session in your area, please contact us at CPA EXAM COACH. You may also email us at to have your questions and concerns about the CPA Exam answered.

For more information including questions and answers about applying for the CPA Exam, please read the CPA Exam candidate bulletin on the AICPA website at