CPA EXAM DAY CLASSES – DC (On-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic – see our virtual evening & weekend sessions)

At CPA Exam Coach, we offer candidates several methods of preparation, which include a day class because we all achieve in different environments. Our day class is an intensive program that gives candidates the option to focus on their CPA studies for a period of three to four months and to “knock” the exam out of the way. All four parts (courses) will be taught during May through July of each year.

Why is this preparation program best for you?

  • Evenings and weekends may be a challenge
  • Online less personal programs have not worked for you or your rate of success is not as you initially anticipated
  • You may be a recent college graduate who desires to get the CPA Exam out-of-the-way before employment
  • Your job commitment, family matters and other personal and professional situations require that you devote a block of time, and focus to get the exam out-of-the-way

Testimonial: “The CPA Exam classes were comprehensive and taught in a granular manner such that all candidates understood the concepts. We worked questions and were shown how to navigate and identify the various traps in the questions. I am a CPA today because of CPA Exam Coaching.”

– Alicia Johnson CPA, Audit Manager PwC

You may enroll in one and up to all four parts (courses). Candidates who enroll for all four parts will receive special discounts and payment terms. Limited spaces are available; therefore, enroll early and lets get you passed. Click on the classes below to enroll.

Summer Program Schedule: May – July (12 weeks) (On-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic – see our virtual evening & weekend program)

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For more information on the CPA Exam classes, programs and products or if you would like us to conduct an intensive review session in your area, please contact us at CPA EXAM COACH. You may also email us at to have your questions and concerns about the CPA Exam answered.

For more information including questions and answers about applying for the CPA Exam, please read the CPA Exam candidate bulletin at the AICPA website at